Glove Beauty is a beauty store based on mindfulness, transparency, and wellness. We carry not only green, clean, and non-toxic beauty, but products we believe in and trust. 

Glove Beauty is founded by Valentina Belova Carder. She is from a small village south of Russia where she grew up and eventually traveled to the United States where she pursued her dreams of being a makeup artist. She studied esthetics and special fx makeup in Los Angeles. She loved the movie makeup scene, but she felt like something was missing. She then studied microcurrent and practiced in spas in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


I knew it was something I needed to share with others.  

My journey leading up to offering microcurrent sessions has taken many forms. I received a masters in hospitality eight years ago which ultimately brought me from Russia to Los Angeles. I was drawn to the creativity the city offered and refocused my attention on make-up and special effects. A part of me knew that I wanted to learn more about the human body and deeper healing which lead me to becoming a structural integration practitioner. Finally, microcurrent entered my life during my time in esthetician school. I was so captivated by the combination of science and true healing. I saw before my eyes this technique supporting the body in a way that went past beauty industry standards with needing to fix ourselves in order to feel beautiful. 

“I truly want people to feel better without altering their bodies. Microcurrent is a completely noninvasive solution for preventative aging and general skin health.” — Valentina Belova

Press: Vanity Fair


  • I am married to the love of my life

  • I recently became a dog mom

  • I love shoes more than anything

  • Carmel is my happy place



  • To support clients on their healing path

  • To build real relationships

  • To love + serve others

  • To inspire an alternative approach to skin + beauty